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*Only for grade 5 and 8 students

How NIIT Nguru Elevate Will Work With Your Child

Learning style assessment

Problem identification

Teaching through video

Assessment and remediation

Resources Employed To Take Your Child From Confusion To Enlightenment

Intelligent Technology

Supports students as they work to improve themselves each day.

Unique Curriculum

Clears doubts and presents activities aligned with learning needs and interests of the students.

Cognitive Modeling

Improves level of mastery for student to move to the next level in the learning.

Actionable Analytics

Guides & adjusts the student’s learning path, prescribes remediation and measures the impact of learning.

Facilitates Assessment of 21st Century Skills

such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, etc. through technology enhanced assessments.


Elevate is accessible at any time, from anywhere via smart phones, tablets and desktops.

About NIIT Nguru

We at NIIT Nguru are focused on building such solutions for school children. @NIITNguru, all our products seek to give an integrated academic access to each of our schools and their school children. This effectively means children will access their academic content at home and in the school in an interactive and holistic format.


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